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Enjoy this Cabbage Crunch Salad with a little carott, apple and maple sweetness, cider vinegar tang, and the deep flavors of toasted pecans with crisp peppery bacon. Or go vegan or vegetarian on this one, simply omit the bacon and add orange slices and lots of cracked pepper. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line cookieContinue reading “CRAVING CABBAGE CRUNCH?”


For my Greeley Hill Fans! When you live in a very small town in a mountainous rural area access to fresh winter vegetables can be a challenge, so this soup was created with my Greeley Hill, California fans in mind and can bring a little spice and warmth to the kitchen. Far from me toContinue reading “WINTER TACO SPICE SOUP”

Versatile APPLE TART

Apple Cinnamon Honey Tart Lightly sweet these little slices of heaven go very well served alongside brunch or vanilla ice cream for dessert. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Thaw a sheet of puff pastry dough according to the directions on the package, usually 1/2 hour is enough, on a cookie sheet leaving the pieceContinue reading “Versatile APPLE TART”

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